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IMS - We've made a science of retrofitting

Your existing CMM may not accommodate CAD integrated inspection, the revolutionary CMM software function of the future.
Virtual DMIS can be retrofitted to upgrade your existing CNC or manual CMM into a 'state of the art' measuring system. Our service providers have a breadth of experience in particular brands of CMM ensuring engineering integrity and, therefore, customer confidence.
With a Virtual DMIS upgrade kit, the power of PC-based 32-bit technology is available regardless of make, type and size of your existing CMM. The cost will be surprisingly affordable and therefore easy to justify. With a complete 21 degree of freedom error-correction system, machine accuracy can be assured. And, with built-in machine accuracy checking routines, including Ball Bar, Step Gauge, and Renishaw Machine Checking Gauge, your ongoing CMM performance need never be in doubt.
Highly skilled and qualified applications engineers are trained to support customers through their measuring difficulties simply from a telephone call to one of the regional technical centers.
A numerous choice of application specific CMM software modules is available. From our experience, a software upgrade will utilise the latest practical developments in measuring software, providing lower risk and an inexpensive way to enhance any CMM's capabilities.

All makes and models can be Retrofited

  • CNC & Manual CMM
  • Horizontal & Flexible Arm

What is Retrofit?

A retrofit provides the latest technologies for Motion Control and Software developments for your current CMM at a fraction of the cost of a new CMM.

Retrofit Package options...

  • Software Up-Grade: From an earlier version of Virtual DMIS to the latest version, in some cases the personal computer PC and Controller must also be upgraded to accommodate hardware changes to personal computers and very large 3D CAD Files which require extra processing and graphics power.
  • Standard Retrofits: OnMotion Controller, Servo Interface Tower (SIT), Joystick Box, Virtual DMIS CAD+ Software package, Latest Computer package. With this retrofit package of OnMotion Controller/ Virtual DMIS Kit watch your inspection time reduce and your productivity increase.
  • Overhauling Retrofits: Includes the Standard Retrofit with a choice of various other options New Renishaw probe system, replacing existing reading heads and measuring scales, replacing existing CMM cable harness.
Retrofitting your current metrology equipment with new Motion Control technology is a great way to get the benefits of new developments in hardware and software, and can be justified by increasing productivity, and improve reliability of the CMM.
Development in motion control and software changes rapidly, within a 5 years period systems will almost certainly be outdated therefore for a minimum cost outlay the controller and software can keep you up to date with the latest Controller and software technologies.
IMS OnMotion CNC Controller and Virtual DMIS CAD + packages have now over 1000 worldwide installations ensuring you are in good hands. Retrofit is our business!
Purchasing an IMS Retrofit Kit can save between 50 and 80% of a new machine price, assuming the existing CMM is structurally sound. IMS retrofit the Controller & Software
Retrofit: The most important factors when considering retrofit is the performance of the retrofit itself (Controller & Software) and technical expertise of the provider.
IMS OnMotion Controller & Virtual DMIS Software Retrofit Kit is well proven with over 1000 installation worldwide, our accumulated experience gives you the customer peace of mind.


  • provides a state of the art 3 axis controller with the ability to add a fourth axes for a twin scale or rotary table.
  • It gives the ability to enhance your CMMs accuracy potential, using our 21 parameter error map utility.
  • The OnMotion comes complete with on-line diagnostic tools used to quickly and accurately tune the controller. This utility can also be used by the customer to easily diagnose a fault effectively lowering the cost of your CMM ownership.
  • Pre & Post accuracy checks are included as standard, calibrations to CMMA, B89, or ISO10360-2 is optional but combining the retrofit with a UKAS certificate gives total peace of mind.

CMM software Virtual DMIS

Offers a fully integrated software solution with its ‘one software’ approach. Virtual DMIS award winning software is the same package whether it is being used :
  • On-Line or Off-Line, With or without CAD, Contact or No-Contact, Manual or CNC machine operation.
  • Virtual DMIS Maintains its single software concept; any extra functionality required such as CAD, Vision, Gears, SPC or Excel Output are fully integrated into the standard software.


Our highly skilled UK engineers and capital equipment are the backbone to our success of over 1000 installations including any make or model of CMM. IMS satisfy our worldwide customer base from our technical offices in USA, North America, China and South Korea ensuring that no matter where you are support is always available.