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MI 500 / 800

No measurement Mission is Impossible with a MI !!!

The MI range machines feature an ultra high resolution CCD camera, automatic zoom lens, tri-directional programmable lighting system, and fast auto-focus. Combined with an optional touch probe (TP20 or TP200) or a laser sensor, the MI machines provide highest degree of accuracy and repeatability in 2D and 3D measuring operations, in particular, high speed Z axis height measurement. The MI machines are universally reliable in shop floor environment as well as clean room environment and can be utilized for a multitude of applications in a wide variety of industries.

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Model MI 500 MI 800
Measuring Range
X 500 800
Y 500 600
Z 250 500
Overall Dimensions
W 1115 1415
L 1424 1624
H 1819 1824
Resolution(µ) 0.1
Maximum Permissible Error
per ISO 10360-2
E1 E2=3.5+L/250
E2 E3=3.0+L/200
Max. 3D move velocity(mm/s) 300
Max. 3D acceleration(mm/s2) 2,598
Max. Workpiece Weight(kg) 50
Electrical consumption 750 watts
Tolerable environment 10°C to 40°C
Humidity 40% ~ 40% non condensing