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High Performance Horizontal Arm Machine at an Affordable Price

The IMS Minerva consists of a vertical guide member supported on a solid granite or steel base, with a revolutionary lightweight high strength carbon fibre horizontal arm. The carbon fibre material improves dynamic performance and minimizes the historic arm ¡°droop¡± normally associated with horizontal arm machines. All IMS machines are designed using the latest 3D CAD and FEA analysis tools to optimize the design. This attention to detail at the design stage ensures reliable accurate performance over many years¡¯ use, keeping the ¡°cost of ownership¡± to a minimum. All the machine components are kinematically mounted and coupled via air bearings to ensure long term stability and to give the best dynamic performance for maximum throughput.

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Model Minerva Rail Minerva Side
Measuring Range
X 2000 to 6000 2000 to 3500
Y 1200 to 2100 1200 to 1500
Z 1500 to 2200 1200 to 2000
Resolution(µ) 0.1
Maximum Permissible Error
per ISO 10360-2
P 250
E 1,000
Max. 3D move velocity(mm/s) 300
Max. 3D acceleration(mm/s2) 2,598
Max. Workpiece Weight(kg) 50
Electrical consumption 750 watts
Air consumption 12 liters/minutes at 5.5 bar
Tolerable environment 10°C to 40°C
Humidity 40% ~ 40% non condensing

Larger or special sizes available on request.