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Reliably Accurate yet Affordable Gantry Machine

The Zeus CMM design is a moving bridge beam/carriage assembly supported by twin participation hardened steel guide rails mounted on a foundation block, ideally designed for measuring large and heavy components. Steel guide rails provide rigidity, stability and ease of operation. All machine axes float on large surface air bearings that provide precision movement. All critical components are enclosed providing environmental protection. The Zeus is a 'walk-in' type Gantry CMM which offers reliable accuracy at affordable price.

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Model Zeus
Measuring Range
X 2000
Y 6000
Z 1750
Resolution(µ) 0.1
Max. 3D move velocity(mm/s) 250
Max. 3D acceleration(mm/s2) 1,000
Max. Workpiece Weight(kg) 50
Electrical consumption 1.5 kW
Air consumption 20 liters/minutes at 5.5 bar
Tolerable environment 10°C to 40°C
Humidity 40% ~ 40% non condensing

Larger or special sizes available on request.