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Premier X Series

Premier X Series Gantry and Semi-Gantry CMMs

All Premier X series machines feature high precision granite Master and All Premier X series machines feature high precision granite Maters and Secondary Beams and air bearings on all axes. Pneumatic counter balance and innovative self-tracking backlash free "Koala" drive system precision control of machine move. Premier X series machines come in two types. XT type a is high accuracy "Semi-Gantry" CMM and built with an 'integral' high precision granite table and does not require foundation. Ideal if you don't want expensive foundation work or plan to move the machine to a different location in the future. XL type is a high accuracy "Gantry" CMM of 'walk-in' design and requires foundation. Ideal if your factory has already solid foundation or you want to utilize an existing cast iron/granite table.

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Model XL
Measuring Range
X 2000
Y 5000
Z 1750
Resolution(µ) 0.1
Max. 3D move velocity(mm/s) 250
Max. 3D acceleration(mm/s2) 1,000
Max. Workpiece Weight(kg) 50
Electrical consumption 1.5 kW
Air consumption 20 liters/minutes at 5.5 bar
Tolerable environment 10°C to 40°C
Humidity 60% +/- 30% non condensing

Larger or special sizes available on request.