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Fast and Accurate
yet Affordable Impact CMM

The Impact range sets the benchmark for a high performance CMM at affordable pricing. In light with the IMS latest technologies, Impact uses lightweight yet stiff carbon fibre for the construction of the Z column along with Aluminium Alloy for the bridge section. Both materials offer an excellent stiffness to weight ration providing a better dynamic performance for the machine. The Impact features high accuracy, class leading rapid CNC measuring cycles with acceleration rates of 2500mm/sec2 to reach 860mm/sec 3D traverse speeds and the built-in endurance to withstand the rigors of the shop floor. Incorporating IMS’ unique RapidScan™ technology, it can acquire 8 points per second using a typical touch trigger probe.

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Model Impact 5.6.5 Impact 8.10.7 Impact 10.15.7
Measuring Range
X 500 750 1000
Y 600 1000 1500
Z 450 650 650
Overall Dimensions
W 1123 1446 1696
L 1280 1620 2120
H 2415 2750 2750
Resolution(µ) 0.1
Maximum Permissible Error
per ISO 10360-2
E 2.5+L/250 2.7+L/250 3.0+L/250
P 2.9 3.1 3.1
Max. 3D move velocity(mm/s) 860
Max. 3D acceleration(mm/s2) 2500
Max. Workpiece Weight(kg) 500 750 750
Electrical consumption 750 watts
Air consumption 12 liters/minutes at 5.5 bar
Tolerable environment 10°C to 40°C
Humidity 40% ~ 40% non condensing

Larger or special sizes available on request.